The following resources will be helpful in your journey toward planning and teaching using all of the pieces of the Depth and Complexity Framework: iconic prompts of Depth and Complexity, the Content Imperatives, Thinking Like a Disciplinarian, and Universal Concepts and Generalizations.

  • Differentiation Smart Reference Guide The Differentiation Smart Reference Guide is a great resource for teachers dedicated to differentiating the core curriculum with unique levels of learners in their classroom. The 22 flip pages are designed from simple to more advanced, as they take teachers through integral steps of differentiation; setting the stage, utilizing high-level thinking skills, incorporating depth and complexity, becoming an expert, teaching with universal concepts, and planning the best ways to deliver instructions. There are a number of content and grade specific examples throughout the pages. Teachers will find themselves continually referring to this reference guide as their students exceed standards throughout the school year. All pages are in color and are laminated for long lasting quality.
  • Think Like a Disciplinarian Cards: STEM Edition Twenty-three card stock Disciplinarian Cards come in our debut Think Like a Disciplinarian publication – which focuses on professionals that align with STEM careers. The front side lists the Disciplinarian and the reverse side is composed of four sections that provide insight into specific ways in which Thinking Like a Disciplinarian can be lever aged in the classroom:  Essential Questions, Language of the Discipline, Universal Concepts, and Scholar Tasks. The Depth and Complexity and Content Imperative Icon Prompts are woven throughout the Essential Questions and Scholar Tasks. “Think Like a Disciplinarian Task Cards: STEM Edition” demands students think critically and in an interdisciplinary way, analyzing and evaluating content just like professionals.
  • DCAP Differentiated Task Statement Software The Depth & Complexity Alignment Project – The DCAP Software allows teachers to create differentiated Task Statements for up to three levels of learners (in the form of “I can/I will”) with the click of a button. Don’t love every part of differentiated lessons the software produces? Thinking Skills, Icons, Resource, Products and various portions of the statement can be modified by the end user to best fit the needs of students. Download your differentiated objectives as a PDF and plan your integration of Depth and Complexity for the entire year.
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