The Depth & Complexity Library

The library has a new format! Our Quick-Hitter videos, along with the Deep Dive ones (30-60 minute course-style videos), are now part of the “Instructional Videos” category. We will provide 1-2 free videos per month – scroll below to watch. The once free quick-hitter videos are part of our less expensive, paid membership.

What's in the Depth and Complexity Library?

The Library contains the following Depth and Complexity resources…

  • Depth and Complexity Instructional Videos:  Quick-Hitter and Deep Dive Videos
  • Asynchronous Courses for PD Credit (3 and 6-hour format)
  • Depth and Complexity Graphic Organizers
  • The Depth and Complexity Collection – coming soon!

Learn about the Depth and Complexity Framework from our incredible practitioner experts through subscriptions to videos, courses, and online resources.

Depth and Complexity Instructional Videos

Access a variety of quick-hitter and deep-dive videos to develop your understanding of how to implement the Depth and Complexity. New videos are added every month! The Depth and Complexity Instructional Videos include access to…

  • Over 45 quick-hitter clips with ready-to-use ideas that can be sorted by grade level and subject area
  • Over 80 one-hour deep-dive videos with assignments and completion certificates

Graphic Organizer Subscription

The DC Organizers are designed in Google Slide format, making them easy to use with students. Each organizer has instructions, a demo video, samples, and both blank and lined options. Additionally, most are tiered for differentiation with iconic prompts already added. The library of organizers is added to each month. You’ll use the organizers over and over again with students. Implementing Depth and Complexity has never been this interactive and easy! 

Asynchronous Depth and Complexity Courses

Choose from our 6-hour, or 3-hour Depth and Complexity courses. Upon completion, educators will receive a Certificate to notate their completed hours. Best of all, our practitioner expert trainers are the ones that designed all of our courses! Educators will learn from other educators that use Depth and Complexity with students daily.

Currently, we have one 6-hour and three 3-hour courses to choose from. We are working on our 30-hour asynchronous course for Texas G/T programs and that will be released in Spring 2023.

DC Collection - Coming Soon!

A Depth and Complexity teacher’s best friend! Access ready-to-use, online and printable activities, resources, and lessons specific to your grade level and subject area. Items within the DC Collection will be available for individual purchase or through an annual subscription. 

Interactive Elementary DC Slides - Coming Soon!

This product will give you and your students the opportunity to synthesize ideas within your curriculum in real time using iconic prompts to focus thinking. This interactive DC resource, delivered in Google slide format, is a perfect partner with any lesson as an anticipatory set, to document understanding, or wrap up a lesson. 

Free Videos of the Month

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